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Silk Road, an ancient trade route from China Xian to Rome in Mediterranean Sea & Europe via a lots places and nations.

China Adventure, a leading Chinese Travel Service, Based in Xinjiang since 1988. Focus on Silk Road & Xinjiang tours , expeditions.

With our expertise, let’s help you to trace the trail of Marco Polo Travels on this wonderful Silk Road.

Silk Road Tours


Family Tour
11-day Silk Road Classical Tour
$ Beijing &Xi‘an - Kashgar

Xinjiang Tours


Family Tour
4-day Tour of Kashgar
$ Tour of Kashgar
Family Tour
Southern Xinjiang Travel
$ South Xinjiang Tour :Turpan - Korla - Ku...
Family Tour
Northern Xinjiang Travel
$ Lake Kanas & Hemu village & Yardan Topog...
Family Tour
Xinjiang Classic Tour
$ Turpan-Urumqi-Kashgar

Xinjiang & Tibet Expeditions


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Why Choose Us
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