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At 138 BC, when Zhang Qian went to the Western Regions as a special envoy of Han, the Silk Road has linked the Chinese culture with the Indian, Roman and Persian cultures ,
 spreading such great Chinese inventions as silk, gunpowder, papermaking and printing far in to the West while introducing Buddhism, Nestorian and Islamic cultures and arts into China…… Want to see the past West Region now, come to join this expedition!
01  departure to Xinjiang China  
02  Arrived in Urumqi. hotel 
03  Urumqi drive to Sailim Lake 570KM Yurts 
04  Sailim/Karamay/Devil’s City ( Wuerhe) 595KM Hotel
    Towards the north, pass the China‘s second largest Gurbantunggut  

     Desert , a broad oil field. Wuerhe(The Devil’s  city) walking tour, returned 

     to the guesthouse after sunset. 
05  Wuerhe/Buerjin /Village Jiadengyu 321KM Hotel
     To the north, via the pastureland  of Kazakhstan and Mongolia namads,

    visit the  Rock man in the grassland. Have  lunch or picnic. 
06  Jiadengyu/ Village Hemu (Ride horse) 33KM Hotel
     Day on horseback throughout the 33 KM. Early departure, along the river 

    Hemu to Hemu village. Beautiful Scenery  for photography.  About 8 H-horse

   riding. Have picnic for lunch. 
07  Hemu/Buerjin  143KM Hotel
    Back to Buerjin. Walk around the Wucaitan Park. Visit Kazakhstan and

    ethnic  village houses. 4/5H walking. Return to the park and shooting the

    colorful sunset beach 
08  Buerjin / Fuhai 158KM Hotel
    Head for the Fuhai direction.  And the Devil’s City on the sea.  4 / 5

    hour walking. Have picnic for lunch. back to Fuhai ,stay hotel for the night. 
09  Fuhai / Wucaiwan 468KM Hotel
    Head for Wucaiwan, on the road can see the wild horse by chance.

    Visitors walk to visit Wucaiwan, night stay in the hotel. If like, the guest

   could go to the hot springs water bath. This may be the nearest hot springs

   from the desert. 
10  Wucaiwan/Jimsar/Qitai 168KM Hotel
    Visit in the Old City of the North and the West Monastery. Visit silicide stone 

    valley. Stay overnight in Qitai 
11  Qitai/Mori/Balikun (Barkol) 247KM Hotel
    Pass the Balikun grasslands, along the way and meet herd folk. Balikun

    lakesides walk. 
12  Balikun / Hami/Shanshan  /Turpan 479KM Hotel
    Hami: visit the tomb of the King, Visit the Mazar Village in the Tuyugou

   Valley,  which are the oldest Uygur  villages in Xinjiang. 
13  Turpan/Urumqi 184KM Hotel
    Visit the ancient Ruins of Jiaohe  and the Sugong Tower,Kerez Water

   Channels . Back to Urumqi to  visit its Erdaoqiao Bazaar. 
14  Urumqi Exit