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China Xinjiang Kashgar K2 expedition

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 K2 is second highest and hardest challenging peak ever to climb on Earth , it is located in the heart of Karakoram Mountain range right on the border between China and Pakistani Kashmir region  ,you can not only explore the K2 BC , but also can witness the towered other eight thousand meter high  and seven thousand numerous peaks located around the  visited side of Karakoram , if you want to do adventurous and visited mountain expeditions, trekking to K2 north face from Kashgar is best option as it has unique characteristics ,cultures and landscapes .Access to K2 North Face is not terribly easy, expedition will be strenuous, but not extreme that trek 5hrs to 7hrs per day on the steep rocky terrain sided river valleys at the elevation of 3500m to 4870m. Highest point that cross through during trek is Aghil Pass at elevation of 4870m that will be crossed on the 3rd day of expedition from Yilik where we start trekking and get on vehicle back to Kashgar . Expedition will be camel supported as we bring lots of equipments with us all the way until Sughet Jangal (locally known as China Base Camp) largest greenery in the area with lots of grass, bushes and trees.


Day 1 Arrive Kashgar  hotel.
Day 2 Rest day: sightseeing in Kashgar. A chance to visit the markets and Monuments of  historic central Asian city.
Day 3 Drive from Kashgar around the edge of the Taklamakan desert to the town of Yiecheng,   hotel.
Day 4 Drive past Mazar to the new roadhead at Yilik where we camp for the night.
Day 5-9 The five day walk to the north base camp of K2 takes us past the summer  settlements of Kirghiz nomads and their herds of yak. We cross the 4870m Aghil  Pass before descending to cross the swirling waters of the Upper Shagskam river together with our camel train.
Day 10 Rest day at Chinese base camp, where the camels will stay until the return journey.
Day 11-15 From the north BC of K2 at 3800m there are six days to explore the surrounding  area, including a chance to make the long walk up the K2 glacier to the site of  advance base camp below the peak towering north face.
Day 16-19 Retrace the route of the approach march back to the roadhead at Yilik.
Day 20 Waiting jeeps take us from Yilik to Yiecheng, overnight in hotel.
Day 21 Drive from Yiecheng to Kashgar, overnight in hotel.
Day 22 Kashgar Exit.

Surely we can make it shorter by cutting 5 days off for the tour to ABC. then it lasts 17days