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Kuqa used to be one of the most important oasis towns on the ancient Silk Road,and was the center of the largest of the 36 Kingdoms of the Western Regions.Now it is a very well-known tourist site with its cultural and natural resources.

As an old saying goes: The grape of Turpan and sweet melons of Shanshan are the best,so are the lambs of Kuqa.Kuqa is well known for the fine quality of lamb fur and leather.But the white apricots and dried apricots produced in Kuqa have a longer history,for it is said that growing apricots trees in Kuqa has been more than 2000 years,And about 20 kinds of fine apricot trees are still popular in the area.When apricots are in season,hundreds of thousands of trees full of yellow,white,red apricots are waving in breeze,like a green sea with colorful sails.

Kuqa is more well known for its colorful Uygur dances and music and ancient Qiuci arts,By absorbing the cultures from the west and Inland China,the ancient Kuqa people created splendid arts of dance and music.The Qiuci dance and music was not only appreciated in the Western Regions,but also were enjoyed by  court and people in Chang’an of the Tang Dynasty.

Kuqa in history:

At the early Tang Times, the Anxi Governor-General Government moved to Qiuci,and Qiuci became one of military importance in AN XI.Kuqa,precious Qiuci, was a center of the Western Region Buddhism,and the great Buddhist scholar,Kumarajiva,was born in Kuqa.The introduction and popularity of Buddhism in Kuqa brought about the great Buddhist arts,So today,Kuqa has such Buddhist Caves with fime grotto arts in:Kizil Caves,Kumtura Csves,Kizilgaha Caves,Simsam Caves and Mazarbogha Caves. When Xinjiang Province was established, Aksu Dao was set up. After the Liberation, the Commissioner Office was set up here. After has an arid climate of the temperate zone and its annual average temperature is 7.6-11.5℃. Various landscapes via high way, railway and air, all make Kuqa an attracting point to numberless tourists domestic and abroad every year.

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