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Hami is located in the east of Xinjiang,bordering with Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province in the east,Turpan in the west,Bayingguoleng in the south and north-west with Mongolia.Since very ancient times,Hami has been the juncture linking the Western Regions and the heart land of China,and today,it is the key of Xinjiang to access to heartland China.The eastern Tianshan Mountains go cross the Hami area,with pine tree forest covering the mountains and extensive pastureland on the slopes and in the basins,where there is developed animal husbandry.Barkol Horses are well known in Xjingan,In the vast hill areas and gobi-desert,ther is very rich in reserves of mineral resources,Ancient travelers westward were terrified by the Kumtagh Desert in the southern part of Hami and the mystery still remains.The middle part of Hami is stretches of oases,wehre the land is fertile and water resource is plentiful.The famous Hami melons have brooded and planted for more than two thousand years.And in the time of  Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty ,the melons were a tribute of the Court. The special local products, such as Hami Melon, big Chinese date of Wupu, hop, etc., are not only taken as great pride by local people, but also famous all over the country.

Hami in history:

In the Han Dynasty and after,this area was not only the front fort from which the Chinese central government manged its administration over the Western Regions,but also made great contributions to linking the region and heartland of China and promoting exchanges between the west and China.Although the history turned over the magnificent past pages,people can still recall them by the remaining ruins and unearthed relics in the area.

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