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Gaisi Tomb

Gaisi Tomb is also called Gaisi Gongbai or Tomb of Sai,or the Green Gongbai.It is an ancient Islamic tomb in China.According to legend,Gaisi accompanied by Wuaisi and Wangesi came to China by sea from Arab to preach Islam.Wangesi passed away at Guangzhou.Gaisi and Wangesi arrived at Chang’an,and was received by Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty.Then,on their way back by land,Wuaisi passed away at Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province and buried there.Gaisi continued his journey to the west,and passed away in Xingxingxia in 635 Tang Dynasty.His companions buried him with stones later in the Qing Dynasty.The King of Hami then built a Gongbai for him.In 1945,the Muslim of Hami moved his tomb to the city.

  Gasi Mazar lies in the southwest of Qirwak plateau of Hami.It is 758 meters above sea level,facing south,it is an earth and wood structure and looks like  a pavilion.It merges the Uygur and Han styles into one organic whole.Gasi Mazar keeps the osseous remains of the Islamic Saint which is rare in the world.It is one of the Holy Places for Pilgrimage.