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Transportation on Silk Road

Convenience is the key factor for tourists to choose the place where they are interested in. It is inconvenient to the tour on the Silk Road, especially in Lanzhou, Xining ,Dunhuang and Xinjiang ten years ago. But now it is different, there are many air flights between different cities, bulletin train from Urumqi to Lanzhou via Turpan,  normal train and bus etc.

Air route information
Xi’an (departure)   - Dunhuang,Urumqi,Kashgar (Arrival).

Lanzhou(departure)- Dunhuang,Urumqi,Kashga (Arrival)r.

Urumqi(departure)-Kashgar,Hotan,Kuqa,Yining,Alaty,Dunhuang,Xi’an,Beijing (Arrival).

Kashgar(departure)-Urumqi,Lanzhou,Xi’an,Beijing (Arrival)

    Railway information



Bulletin train

Regular train



3 hours and 20 minutes

8 hours



5 and half hours

8 hours



3 and half hours

8 hours



50 minutes

2 hours




9 hours




18 hours


Bulletin train:

There are 2 types tickets to choose: First-class seat,Second-class seat.

Regular Train:

There are  2 types tickets to choose in the berth :
1. Hard Sleeper - A hold sleeper, consisting of open compartments with six berths, is usually the most difficult to obtain, roughly the cost equals to the one forth of the airfare for the same distance.
2. Soft Sleeper - is ail enclosed compartment containing four berths similar to Eastern European coaches, The price is roughly equals half the price of the airfare for the same distance.

By Road
Urumqi to Turpan
It takes 3.5 hour‘s bus or nearly 1 hour high9speed train from Urumqi to Turpan.
Turpan to Korla
It takes 5 hour‘s bus or nearly 3 hours speed-train from Turban to Korla.
Korla to Kuqa
It takes 4 hour‘s bus or nearly 3 hours train from Korla to Kuqa.

Kuqa to Khotan
It takes 12 hour‘s bus or nearly 20 hours train from Kuqa to Khotan.
Khotan to Kashgar
It takes 7 hour‘s bus or nearly 6 hours train from Khotan to Kaghgar. 
Kashgar to Urumqi
It takes 1.5 hours fly or at least 24 hours train from Kashgar to Urumqi.