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Travel Tips

Here the Chinese holiday for 2020, so better to plan your tour carefully for the land passes entry and exit :

1,the New Year‘s Day  Jan. 1,  2020

2,Chinese New Year‘s day  Jan.24-30, 2020

3, Tomb sweeping day April 4-6,  2020

4, Labor day   May1-5, 2020

5, Dragon Boat day   June 25-27, 2020

6, Mid- Autumn day  Oct. 1-8, 2020 ,together with National day.

7, National day   Oct. 1-8, 2020.

In Xinjiang, we also have two muslin holidays , for these two holidays, we guess it should be as follows but need to further confirmation, will be followed when we get the formal paper from local government.

1, Nowruz festival  May 24,2020

2,Corban festival  July 31, 2020

Pls be aware ,that during these holidays, the land passes in Xinjiang may be closed, that means ,you can not enter or exit through the land pass in Xinjiang like Kunjirep pass, Turogart Pass, Irkeshtam pass etc. Must double check these holiday as it varies every year.

Korban Festival
All the Islamists from all over the world have their largest Korban Festival as their largest annual celebration.
In China, Hui,uyghur,Kazak,Uzbek,Tajik,Tatar,Kirgiz,Sara,Dongxiang,Bao‘an celebrate this festival as their major
annual events. The term Korban means Sacrifice in Arabic, also called "Erdi Korban" or Erdi Aizuha. Erdi means Festival,Kurban and Aizuha all mean sacrifice or Animal Slaughtering.Thus people also call this festival "animal slaughtering festival".In Xinjiang,our Uyghur,Kazak,kirgiz and other ethnic groups name it Kurban Festival.Its time is on the 10th of December According to Islamic callendar Before the festival,every family will clean theri house ,and bake some cookies and snacks.On the morning of that day,all men will take shower and clean their body,dress in their best to go to the mosque to pray.During the festival,Xinjiang Uyghur people will also have big celebration on the square ,people will dance the Maxilap or Dolang dance.Arround the square ,ther will be a big bazaar selling all kinds of snacks and goods.The Kazak a,Kirgiz ,Tajik,Uzbek will also have goat tussling,horse racing,wrestling and other entertainments

Turpan Grape Festival
Turpan Grape Festival was held in order to commemorate the opening of the Ancient Silk Road.The total length of the Silk Road China portion is about 5000km, 2000km of them is in Xinjiang£where the Silk Road separated into three routes,Northen ,Southern,Middle Silk Road.Turpan lies in the key point of the Middle Silk Road, was an important stop along the ancient silk road.Since Han Dynasty,it had been the political ,ecnomic,and cultural center in Western Region.Since 1990, in every August ,Turpan will have the Grape Festival , till now ,there have been 12 years.During the festival, tourists come from home and abroad get to Turpan, they visit the ancient ruins like Jiaohe andGaochang, Bazklik Grottoes,Astana Ancient Tombs, Imin Minaret and Grape valley to enjoy the sweetest grape in the world .

Nawurozi Festival
Nawurozi Festival had been Kazak‘s traditional festival before they accepted Islamism.It is related to kazak‘s own
callander.It is just like the Christmas day in the West.Naurozi in Kazak language means the new year‘s eve.
Nawurozi Festival comes from a interesting legend which is related to the lunar callendar which has 12 years in one
circle,each year has a symbol.It is said long long time ago,there had a meeting of the animals ,all of them were
anxious about the next year‘s luck.And all of them wanted to see it first.The taller ,the more hope to see it first.
Since camel was the tallest,hopefully,he should see it first,but rat climbed atop the camel,thus he saw the first
light of the new year.The camel was so mad at this that he left.Therefore the animals got their turn according to how early they saw the luck.The rat ranked first,and after it,ox,tiger,rabbit,snail,snake,horse,sheep,monkey,chicken,dog,and pig.Nawurozi Festival symbolizes the beginning of a new year.To celebrate this festival,all famIlies are to clean their houses and stables,they will also prepare Nawurozi Meal which is a kind of congee made of rice,millets,wheat,wheat flour,cheese,salt and meat,also some horse meat sausage,as well as smoked horse meat.On that day,people will dress in their best ,visiting the neighbours and relatives, blessing each other .People sing songs ,and hug each other.Kazak people has the tradition of respect the senior citizens.On the first day of the festival, they will gift the head of a sheep to the senior citizens.When the old man accept the gift,he will say some prayers,blessing that the safty an prosperity is with the family.uring the festival, people are sitting together,either singing and dancing, or having some folk sports entertainments.The ki will have more fun like with flying kites,hide an seek game,etc.