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Tour Consultant

1, Tickets booking in China -trains , flights at best rates.

Chinese Flights, Chinese Train tickets, we buy it  for you at best rates !

For the air tickets, guess you can get everywhere , but pls come to us, we help you with local best arrangement, For the train tickets, especially, west of China, there could be a problem because there are never enough, thinking of the large population here. so best thing is to buy it early ! otherwise, you  may be stuck somewhere in West of China.As Chinese Railway open all tickets 60 days in advance,so for some hotlines  in west of China, Getting a train tickets still may be a problem !

We are here to help !

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Kashgar-Kuqa-Turfan Urumqi-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan

Lanzhou-Binlingsi Temple-Labrang monastery at Xiahe-Maishanji Cave in Tianshui- Xian




Xian - Beijing-Shanghai -Guangzhou and any other Chinese cities


Lanzhou-Xining-Lhasa Tibet

And so on.....

2,Want to buy Train ticket Urumqi China to Almaty (Alm Ata) Kazakstan ?

It is not hard for us to book this train tickets, but we do need your passport copies for it !

Want a  smoothly trip  ? then plan it ahead, we can help .