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Jiayuguan Fort & The overhanging Great Wall

Jiayuguan Fort lies in the 7 kilometers southwest of Jiayuguan city and is the end point in the west of Great Wall. It was built in Ming Dynasty and important for military.

Jiayuguan Fort is facing Qilian Mountain in south and Mazongshan Mountain in north, only 15 km between the two mountains. It is regarded as the “gullet” of Hexi Corridor. Hence Jiayuguan Fort is the first pass in the west of Yellow River.

Jiayuguan includes three parts, inside city, outside city and moat. Such a structure was for the military recovery at old time. Meanwhile, it may echo each other with Shanhaiguan in Hebei province, being the top pass in China.

The overhanging Great Wall

Lying in 7 kilometers northwest of Jiayuguan city, this Great Wall was built in Ming dynasty in 1539. It was originally 1500 meters long but only 750 meters of it was remained. Because 231 meters of the Great Wall scrambles on the ridge of the mountain it is called Overhanging Great Wall. From the upper tower high on the ridge, you can get a whole view of the desert, the oasis and the snow peaks.