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Mingsha Sand Dunes and Crescent Lake

Mingsha Sand Dunes and Crescent Lake is the best desert scenery that travellers are likely to see along the entire length of the Silk Road.It is located 3 kilometers south of the Dunhuang city and offer a stunning view of the surrounding desert in one direction and of the oasis in the other.Visitors can ride bicycles,hire a taxi or take a bus out to the edge and then climb the 250 meters Mingsha Dune,which overlooks the small and mysterious Crescent Lake.The steep climb is hard going and best undertaken barefoot.The descent is no problem-simply slide down,There are also camel rides into the dunes.

  Marco Polo referred to them as the “rumbling sands”,and indeed the dunes do make a sound like thunder or a drum-roll as the wind sweeps across them.