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Terracotta Army

The amazing Terracotta Army lies 36 kilometers (22 miles) east fo the city,was discovered in 1974 by local farmers digging a well.Although there is no historical record of the thousands of life-size armoured soldiers and horses,it is believed they were intended to serve as bodyguards for the ghost of Qin Shihuangdi.The figures were discovered five meters below the surface in vaults originally built with walls of pounded earth and a wooden roof.In 260 BC,the vaults were opened by General Xiang Yu who set fire to the roof,which then collapsed,damaging the figures below.

The museum comprises three buildings each spanning a pit,plus two exhibitiona halls,one for the two bronze chariots and the other for various relics found around the vast mausoleum.

Pit One,discovered in 1974,is expected to yield 6,000 warriors.

Pit Two,discoeredn in 1976,is thought to contain around 1,000 warriors,many of them in active archery positions,both upright and kneeling.

Pit Three,discovered in 1976,is thought to be the command headquarters.