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Shaanxi Museum

Shaanxi Museum,built in Tang style,lies southern suburb of Xi’an about 3 kilometers from the Big Goose Pagoda,the museum is a must for every visitor to Xi’an.

The permanent collection is housed on the ground and first floors,while exhibitions are staged in the basement.Visitors need at least three hours to do justice to a walk here through China’s history.They should spend most of their time examining relics relating to times when Xi’an was the capital of China,especially during the Qin,Han and Tang dynasties.

The first gallery,Prehistory to 2,000 BC,relics highlight the importance of the Yellow River and its tributaries which watered the birth and fluorescence of Chinese culture.

The second gallery of the Xia, Shang,Western and Eastern Zhou dynasties covers a 13-centuries long epoch between the 21st century BC and 770 BC which witnessed the transition from the Stone to the Bronze age.

The third gallery exhibits relics from the Spring and Autumn Period,the Warring States and the Qin dynasty.Most interesting are exhibits concerned with advancements in construction,plumbing,metallurgy,agriculture and irrigation which include decorated tile ends to stop infiltration of water into roof timbers,copper sleeves to join ceiling and roof beams together,and water pipes.

  The gallery upstairs,housing from the Han dynasty,Wei,Jin,Northern and Southern dynasty,Sui and Tang,Song,Yuan Ming and Qing dynasties.

  Too long history in China,so many interesting stuffs to see.