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Bell Tower & Drum Tower

Bell Tower (Zhong Lou),built in 1384,in which a great bell once rang at dawn,is a classic example of Ming architecture.Originally the tower was located in the center of the old Tang imperial city,but it was moved and rebuilt in 1582 at its present location in the southern section of the walled city.It was restored in 1740 and now consists of a triple-eaved,two-storey wooden pavilion resting on a square brick platform nine meters high,pierced by four archways.There is an excellent view of  the city from the second floor parapet.

Drum Tower (Gu Lou),is the rectangular style,a similar style with the Bell Tower.First erected during the Ming Dynasty in 1380 and restored in 1669,1739 and 1953.A road goes through the tower  under a vaulted archway where a drum was beaten daily at sunset.The second-storey balcony offers a good view  of the old Muslim quarter.