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Devil’s City

The Devil’s City also called the “Wind City”,”Ghost Town”.Located in the center of China’s second largest basin-Junger Basin,the Urho District of Karamay City,100 kilometers of the city.

investigation,during the Cretaceous Period about 100 million years ago.A vast fresh-water lake surrounded by luxuriant plants covered the place.It was a paradise for the Urho Stegosaurus,the Plesiosaurus,the Jungar Pterosaur and other dinosaurs,which lived and multiplied in the lake.But after two crust movements the lake turned into a big desert interspersed with sandstone and slate.Now geologically known as the “Gobi Table”.This kind of topography were easy to be eroded by water and wind,hence it left a lot of the hills like the houses,walls,castles,mushrooms and etc.With the holes,pits on the cliffs,when it blows hard,it’s made the strange noise listened like the cries from the city with sad and shrill,and the wailing wind heavey with yellow dust and sand.This really makes people’s hair stand on end and feel in a ghost hunted town.Except the strange sound here,the landscape would be the most attraction here.