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Wild Apple Gorge

The Apple Gorge also is called “Talqi Valley”,located in the valley of Talqi Mountain of Tianshan Mountains Chain,28 kilometers long.The Urumqi-Yining highway just winds its way through the valley near the Sayram Lake.The valley is covered by wild apple trees,so it is called “Apple Gorge”.

  The Apple Gorge is a key pass connecting Yili  and other parts of Xinjiang.It was a dangerous pass in the ancient time and when Chenghis Khan was conquering westward,he ordered Chaghtai,his second son to open the way for the army,and it was said that 48 bridges were built.It made a contribution to the success of the military action of Chenghis Khan.It break through the passage way between the central Asia and Yili River Valley.Later,merchants and envoy took this way to the west instead of the old road via Tacheng City.In the Qing Dynasty,after the central government successfully suppressed the armed rebellion of Jungar Mongolian aristocrats,to strengthen the administration from the eastern part of Barkash Lake to the north and south of Tianshan Mountain area,the Qing government settled the First and Second Military Post in the gorge,the gorge came to its busiest time and played an important rule on the transportation between China and Yili River Valley.

  In order to improve the transportation condition ,the Apple Gorge Bridge was built and open on September.30th,2011.The bridge is 700 meters long,200 meters high above the ground,the first cable-stayed bridge in Xinjiang.It is a miracle.You can enjoy the fantastic scenery when you drive on this way.