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Malikawat Ruins

 Located on the west bank of the Yulongkash River,25 kilometers west of Hotan City.This ancient city rose and declined in the period between the year 206 BC and the year 907.

   It is said that this site used to be the capital city of Yutian Kingdom,the key point and the cultural intersection of the Western Han Dynasty.The ancient city was 1,400 meters long from north to south,Kunlun Mountains on the south.

   Many high earthen mounds and several hundred housing column bases have been discovered in the ruins.In 1900,Aurel Stein made excavation beside a kiln,and found a lot of pieces of the fragments of pottery,Wuzhu coins and even a clay figurine of Eros Cupid and the stone made stupa,and so on.

  All of these reflect that this place must be a very important site for the Buddhism and was damaged because of the coming of Islam.