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Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar

Erdaoqiao or Grand Bazaar,are located in Jiefang Road,has a more distinctive Uygur life,with mosques and traditional markets.This is a good place for experiencing Uygur city life.Stack of colourful silver and gold filigree gauze cloth from Pakistan,traditional Uygur Adles Silk and Chinese cotton is sold from small,privately-owned stalls.Food stalls sell yellowish chunks of fatty lung served with a piquant sauce,cold spicy noodles with dried beancurd,boiled sheep’s heads and roasted meats.Shashlik vendors have a constant stream of customers for spicy sticks of barbecued mutton,fat of liver.Uygur families bargain for wall or Kang (heated sleeping-platform) carpets,and Pakistan traders bustle around yelling and making deals.Tinkers make kettles,boxes,moulds and water holders.Modern Pakistani house music blares from tape players.On Sundays,crowds of young people gather at the entrance to admire,buy and sell Japanese and Chinese motorbikes.

   All in all,you can buy the local special stuffs for your family members and friends.