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Sunday Bazaar

Bazaar,means market in Uygur language.The famous Bazaar in Kashgar is located at the city east gate on Sunday,the famous Sunday Bazaar,a must do in Kashgar for the tourists.

   Kashgar is located in the cross between Western and China in ancient Silk Road.The merchants from the west or east met in Kashgar and made a deal here.More and more stuffs were changed here and were taken to different places.So the bazaar became one of Asia’s largest distributing center of commodities. The bazaar has been thriving for over 2,000 years.Today’s Kashgar has preserved the old traditions.

   The Bazaar is growing larger and larger in scale and attracts more merchants.Wandering around the Bazaar,the glory of this ancient trading city on the Ancient Silk Road can be seen in the past and today.

   Another interesting place which is a must do in Kashgar is Live Stock Market,it is located outside of town.It is obvious a market for the local farmers.You can see the locals’ buying and selling on the site,focusing on the task at hand,very interesting.Of course,it is a little bit dirty,please wear your gauze mask.