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Abakh Khoja’s Tomb

Abakh  Khoja’s  Tomb,also named The Fragrant Concubine Tombs,located 6 kilometers northeast of Kashgar,is an ancient Islamic architecture complex,built in the early 17th century,consisting of Mazar,a Mosque,The Coctrine Teaching Hall,the Grand Hall of Prayer.The tombs Hall has a dome covered with glazed green tiles and the whole building are of great artistic value.In 1640,the construction began and a leaders of the White Mountains Sect of Islam,Ahjimemeti Yusup Khoja and his five generations 72 descendents were buried here.The compund was named after Yusup’s son,Abakh Khoja,whose fame was greater.This site is also known as the Fragrant Concubine (Xiangfei) Tomb in memory of Abakh Khoja’s granddaughter,Yiparkhan,who was the Fragrant Concubine of Emperor Qianlong.And it was said that after she died in Forbidden City of Beijing,her coffin was carried back to Kashgar and was buried at the Tomb.