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Add.: 17 th floor-Tianji Mansion, No 90 North Jiefang Road, Urumqi 830002, Xinjiang, China

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China Xinjang Comfort International Travel Co .,Ltd,was found 30 years ago£®During its development, the agency has always stuck to the principle of emphasizing the special tour on the bases of the conventional tour and a great deal has been done. Now it¡¯s got qualifications from state for organizing both Inbound tour & Outbound tour.  
In the past years£¬we have organized plenty of Inbound tour & Outbound tour as well as cooperating with dozens of foreign travel agencies to carry out various adventure tours such as :
Taklamakan Desert crossing,Tianshan Mountains and Pamir Plateau trekking expeditions,K2 peak and Muztagh Ata climbing£¬Lop Nor exploring£¬
Jeep£¯camel back crossing along the Silk Road ,Rafting along Tarim River£¬ Overland tour£¬etc .
We have well-trained staff, which are experienced and energetic£¬we have left our footprints along vast desert£¬high mountains£¬silk road£¬
long rivers£¬ancient ruins, Buddhist caves¡­We have excellent equipment including various vehicles for special tour either; As a contribution to Chinese special tour£¬we have conducted various special tour programs for our guests£®
With the second highest peak (altitude:8611m) closes to the second lowest land(altitude-154.43m)£®the hottest spot (49.6¡æ)nears the second coldest area(-51.5¡æ), beautiful grassland £¬vast Gobi desert£¬legendary silk road£¬various of ethnic folklore¡­
We present the memories of fascination, mystery and beauty.
We look forward to meeting you here in China
Add.: 17 th floor -Tianji Mansion,No. 90 North Jiefang Rd., Urumqi 830002, Xinjiang ,China
phone: (0086)0991 2306482  2333891
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phone£º(0086)0991-2306482 cell phone£º(0086)13809957189
Add.: 17 th floor-Tianji Mansion, No. 90 North Jiefang Road, Urumqi 830002 ,Xinjiang, China     ¼¼ÊõÖ§³Ö£ºFUQIIT