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Yunnan+Guilin+Hangzhou+Shanghai- South China 16 day tour

China Explorer -Yunnan+Guilin+Hangzhou+Shanghai 16 day tour
1  arrive Kunming, city tour  Jinjiang hotel or similar
2  taking day train K9612 (0940-1540) to Dali (6 hours) ,see bit of landscape of Yunnan  Taiheju hotel
3 Dali sightseeing Bai Village,Cable car to Cangshan mountain, a bit hiking  Taiheju  hotel
4 drive 3 hour to Shaxi old town,Shibaoshan Caves, walking a few hours in the town. stay overnight in hotel
5  drive 3 hours to Lijiang  old town   Jinghong  hotel
6  drive and Cable car to  Jade Dragon Mountain,a bit hiking ,Lijiang show.  Jinghong hotel
7  taking flight 3U 8123 (1130-1240) to Jinghong (Xishuangbanna) ,visit Tropical Botanic Garden  Duchang hotel
8  sightseeing Menghai -minority culture,village, old Chinese Tea tree and tea culture ,forest on way etc. Duchang hotel
9 fly to Kunming CZ 6370 (1300-1350) and transfer  flight CZ 3248(1810-1930) to Guilin  hotel
10   Guilin-Yangshuo by small boat and back to Guilin. Hotel.
11  Guilin-Longji. Dayhike in the area. Guesthouse in the riceterraces.
12  Motoring journey back to Guilin. Visit of bridge in Chengyang en route. Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, Hotel in Guilin.
Journey Guiling-Hangzhou: by air ( CZ 3265 (1350-1535)  Hotel in Hangzhou .
14  Visit morning  West lake,PM:Qinhefang  historical street,handcraft   hotel in Hangzhou 
15  drive to Suzhou Sightseeing AM:Humble Administration‘Garden (the expensive one but best garden indeed)PM: Hanshan Temple, Guanqian Historical Street, taking boat,  Hotel in Suzhou .
16  Suzhou drive back to Shanghai. to airport ,exit
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Add.: 17 th floor-Tianji Mansion, No. 90 North Jiefang Road, Urumqi 830002 ,Xinjiang, China     技术支持:FUQIIT