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Silk road expeditions

 The classic journey through China in the footsteps of Marco Polo, from the Pamir to Kashgar,across Xinjiang to Xi‘an and Beijing. For thousands of years the Silk Road was plied by merchants and camel caravans seeking the riches to be found in far-off China. It was a hard ,dangerous and often fatal route ,first chronicled in the writings of Marco Polo .If today the danger has largely gone, this journey through the Pamir and across the desert and mountains of Xinjiang still remains its fascination and historic interests. Silk Road, an ancient business route connected the Chinese civilization with the central Asia and Europe and North Africa , which is so famous in the history for the function it took .The route make your dream came true that you will have the feelings and the changes of times and beautiful nature scenery .By doing this , you find a shortcut to look into the long history and great culture . We provide you few ways to travel , one is the North Silk Road , the other is South Silk Road . In north route you can see the beautiful lake of the Salim Lake . It is the largest high mountain lake in the Tianshan Ranges , with an area of 457 sq. Km. and altitude of 2073meters . Salim Lake is a unique summer resort . The area around the lake has been the summer pastures of Mongols and Kazaks for thousands of years ,rich in plants and birds . From late May to early June , wild flowers are seen everywhere around the lake .From June 13th to 15th ,there is a grand "Nadam Festvial"at the Lake (Mongolian grassland fair), during this time ,you will see the traditional performance ,such as horse racing ,Mongolian wrestling ,Arken singing accompanied by the traditional Kazak music instrument and visit to the herder‘s house. Through the South Silk Road you will have the chance to experience totally different feelings about Xinjiang. Along this route, there are Kashgar,Hotian and many oases, each has its own features





Tibet Adventure Tour A : Silk road+Qinghai-Tibet road

Day1 arrive Beijing sightseeing Forbidden city 4 star hotel
Day2 sightseeing Great wall , ect ? hotel
Day3 AM flight to Xian sightseeing 4 star hotel
Day4 Sightseeing Army ect ? hotel
Day5 AM flight to Dunhuang sightseeing 4 star hotel
Day6 Mogao Caves sanddunes hotel
Day7 drive to Golmud 3 star hotel
Day8 drive to Tuotuohe hostel
Day9 drive to Dangxiong Jinzhu hotel
Day10 drive to Namutso lake and continue to Lhasa Lhasa hotel 4 star
Day11 sightseeing Potala Palace Bahon Temple hotel
Day12 sightseeing Deprang & Sara monastery, Luobulinka Palace hotel
Day13 one day tour to Gamden monastery hotel
Day14 drive to Samye and stay at Zedang hotel 3 star
Day15 drive to Yalong vallay sightseeing Tibet King‘ s tomb and Monastery
Day16 take flight to Beijing ( flight everyday) Hotel in Beijing
Day17 transfer to airport exit


Tibet Adventure Tour B : Xinjiang-Tibet-Nepal

Day1 Turogart Pass entry from Kirghizistan to Kashagr, China
Day2 Kashgar sightseeing
Day3 day tour to Karakul lake 400 KM
Day4 drive to Hotian 540 KM
Day5 Hotian sightseeing
Day6 drive to Minfeng 300 KM
Day7 drive Qiemo 450 KM
Day8 drive to Ruoqiang450 KM
Day9 drive to Huatugou 290 KM
Day10 drive to Dunhuang 307 KM
Day11 Dunhuang sightseeing Mogao Caves
Day12 drive to Golmud 385 KM
Day13 drive to Toutouhe 381 KM
Day14 drive to Naqu 365 KM
Day15 drive to Lasha 310 KM
Day16 Lhasa and nearby area sightseeing
Day17 drive to Zedang 200 KM
Day18 drive to Gyanse 255 KM
Day19 drive to Shigaze 100 KM
Day20 drive to Rombok
Day21 BC Everest
Day21 drive to Zhangmu
Day22 exit to Nepal.



Tibet Adventure Tour C: Urumq-Golmud-Lhasa-Mt.Kalaish-Kashgar

Day1 arrive Urumqi
Day2 drive to Turfan sightseeing 185 KM
Day3 drive to Hami 510 KM
Day4 drive to Dunhuang 350KM
Day5 Dunhuang sightseeing
Day6 drive to Golmud 550 KM
Day7 drive to Toutouhe 385 KM
Day8 drive to Naqu 365 KM
Day9 drive to Lhasa 310 KM
Day10-11 Lhasa and nearby area
Day12 drive to Shigaze
Day13 drive to Sangsang
Day14 drive to Saga
Day15 drive Payang
Day16 drive to Holy lake
Day17 drive to Tacheng –Mt Kalaish
Day18 drive to Zada
Day19 Guge Ruins and Toling Monastery
Day20 drive to Gar-Aily
Day21 drive to Ritu
Day22 drive to Tianshuihai
Day23 drive to Mazar
Day24 drive to Yecheng
Day25 drive to Kashgar
Day26-27 Kashgar sightseeing
Day28 Exit to Kirghizstan or Pakistan





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